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We at RESCO believe that the main aim of any fire detection system is to detect the fire at the earliest. That is why we use both Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm system with latest technology complying to International and local standards.

Not only regular fire detection and alarm system but at RESCO we also provide voice evacuation systems, which are believed to be better alternatives to traditional audible fire alarms.  We offer integrated & dedicated full voice alarm systems ( PAGA/ PAVA) which uses voice-enabled emergency communication systems, to  alert people in a building in the case of an emergency.

Not only in the case of a fire, but the voice evacuation systems also act as a mass notification alert in case of a chemical spill, severe weather, or active shooter scenario. Our systems will alert all of the building’s inhabitants that they must evacuate. The messages in this system are pre-recorded in real time to give crucial information to the occupants. A voice evacuation system is better than a traditional fire alarm system as a voice alarm gives clear directions to people without causing any anxiety or panic, which can then result in a chaotic situation.

At RESCO, we understand that when a fire breaks out, every second counts. That is why we provide certified voice evacuation systems and other fire systems to meet the needs of your building in the Dubai region. Although we believe that voice evacuation systems are the most effective methods available in the event of an emergency, we also offer a huge number of various other alarm systems that meet every budget. We also have a huge range of conventional fire alarm systems, which are particularly designed for smaller places and stringent budgets. All our systems are designed keeping in mind the current regulations. Do not waste any time contact the best fire safety in Dubai now!

Founded in the year of 2009, RESCO electro mechanical LLC is involves for all the electro mechanical work installation services especially in the life safety and security systems design engineering, supply and installation, test and commission the complete system as per the client requirements.

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