Edwards fire alarm system in Dubai, UAE

RESCO is an authorized dealer of Edwards fire alarm systems in Dubai, UAE. This means you will get an authentic Edwards fire alarm system for your building. All of the components we offer are up to the standard, and we ensure our customers get the most durable parts for their buildings. At RESCO, we not only supply authentic components and systems, but we offer complete installation and maintenance services as well. Our qualified team can install these systems in every building. Thus, you can enlist our help for your industrial and commercial buildings.

We have years of experience in installing fire alarm systems in schools, government buildings, factories, industrial areas, and so much more. Edwards fire alarm systems are top-class security solutions. These systems come with all essential components and allow you to keep your assets and inhabitants protected in case of an emergency. Edward has earned a reputation in the market and is one of the most reliable solutions available around the globe. At RESCO, we ensure that all our customers can take advantage of this security and add protection to their structures with our assistance.

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